Saturday Night Done Right with Dave Brooks

Work Saturday Night Done Right Into Your Weekend Plans


Going on two years now, many KZY listeners have been working Saturday Night Done Right into their weekend activities.  The best music to ever grace a Saturday night over the decades are all assorted to enhance your favorite night of the weekend!

Hosted by Dave Brooks, the show airs almost every Saturday night from 8pm to midnight (central).  It supplies the fuel for whatever your Saturday night may bring, be it with a rowdy group or a good vibe for an evening of one.  The show gathers the best Saturday night music with a core of hits taken from the 70’s through the 10’s, from AWOLNation to Zeppelin.

Each show at approximately 8:20ish the weekly Deep Throwback digs-out a popular tune from generations even further back.  The peak of Pop Culture Mountain has always been ruled by Those Kids of their specific era.  Saturday nights are for everybody who wants to play and be brought back to the days that they ruled that musical mountaintop.

When the occasion calls, the show has been known to dip into special themed events, even a listen-in party that all listeners are invited to just by tuning-in!

Saturday Night Done Right is exactly as the name implies; A great evening requires a soundtrack equal to the cause.  We have that one base covered…the rest is up to you.  Whether it’s front-and-center of your weekend shenanigans or as a background companion, Saturday Night Done Right supplies the fun and the music and even a giggle or two.

Join the growing ranks of North Woodsians and tune-in on Saturday nights, 8pm to midnight.  Listen on the air at 95.5 FM (obviously)!  The show is also streamed with our online player on our website and also on our mobile app.