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We’re Back This Weekend!


We’re back this weekend after last week’s 80’s extravaganza!  Clearly we’re turning the corner here into something resembling Fall; leaves changing and falling, temps cooling, spooky decor…

Fall seems to be a tad polarizing.  Some folks look forward to autumn’s arrival with that wild look in their eye.  Others…a bit melancholy.

We understand.

With fall projects in full swing, summer fixtures put-away and preparation for the upcoming winter underway, we’ll have just what you need this weekend to keep those spirits up and those toes a-tappin’.

You didn’t hear it from us but there may possibly already be work in progress for an upcoming holiday party.  MAYBE.

Have a fabulous first October weekend and be sure to tune-in this Saturday, 8pm to midnight (CDT).  We’re on-air, streaming online and also on the app, powered by Ken K Thompson Jewelry!