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Tune-In To Saturday Night Done Right

Should be a marrrrrvelous night this weekend to join-in on the fun!

Saturday Night is Done Right on KZY when Dave Brooks ramps-up a good Saturday vibe, 8pm to midnight.  It’s about getting “that feeling” on a that special weekend night like we used to and still can!  Especially these days, kicking-back or getting revved-up; KZY has the soundtrack to take you there!

The best retro music, mainly 70’s through 00’s, that parades the very best Saturday night music that ever was from all generations and funnels it all into a weekly 4-hour music-palooza!

Great music including the weekly Deep Throwback, zany fun, a great vibe and a host in the middle of it all that actually used to be cool.  From Elton to Everclear, Goo Goo to Grease, rock, dance, pop…Saturday Night Done Right has your Big Night covered.

Bring it to the bonfire, on the lake, to the hunting shack and to the garage.  Background or front and center, your Saturday nights are sounding better!  Tune it in on the radio, listen on the app or stream it online!  Saturday Night Done Right brings the fun to you almost every Saturday night from 8pm to midnight.