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Credit: Beverly Everett, YouTube

Quarantine Doesn’t Stop Bemidji Symphony From Performing

Social distancing is all the rage. Well, maybe not all the rage, but the norm. Fortunately, it’s 2020 and the internet allows more flexibility than times past. For instance, during the quarantine of the Bubonic Plague in 1665, Isaac Newton had nothing better to do, so he invented calculus. Fortunately, we have Netflix to keep us occupied so future generations of students will not suffer from difficult new mathematics classes.

However, if you are a creative sort like Bemidji Symphony Conductor Dr. Beverly Everett, you can use technology for fun and joy, and not just as a distraction. Beverly created an arrangement of “What A Wonderful World” and had the Bemidji Symphony record and play their parts from home and voila! A virtual Symphony mini-concert. Enjoy, and thank you Beverly Everett & The Bemidji Symphony!