[PODCAST] Rick & Nick Are Back!


The Rick & Nick Talk Flicks podcast is back with three new episodes!

The podcast has been moving from our old platform to a new one and those kind of transitions are not always the smoothest.  Several episodes have been produced since December and have just been in limbo until we’re now back online with our new Megaphone partner!

Rather than one central location to download and/or stream the latest episode or any of the 100+ from the archives, Megaphone spreads them out to several well known podcast carriers.  Catch them on Apple or on Spotify among others!

Episode 114 is a look at Superman from comic book to today and beyond.

Episode 115 is a preview of coming attractions through Memorial weekend.

Episode 116 is about some of our favorite movie scenes we’ve ever seen.

The Rick & Nick Talk Flicks podcast is sponsored by Bemidji CEC Theatre, located off of highway 2 between Wilton and Bemidji.  The theatre is undergoing renovations currently and when you see the end result which is scheduled to be fully completely done by summer…WOW!