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Michael Bublé reveals he “never had any idea” his ‘Christmas’ album would become a holiday staple

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Michael Bublé has become associated with the holidays thanks to his Christmas album, but he admits he never anticipated it would have such an impact on his career.

Speaking with Billboard, he explained, “I mean, I knew what I was doing when I made the record. I had high hopes. I was quite ambitious. Because I really genuinely love the songs.” He also said he “never had any idea that it would be like this ever, ever.”

The singer said he used to become frustrated when the album overshadowed the rest of his music offerings. In July, Michael shared a TikTok about how much he dislikes being told he can only come out around Christmastime.

“Years ago, I would complain about [the album’s success], and I would say [exasperated], ‘Well, you know, they keep talking about the Christmas album,'” he told the outlet. As for what softened his views, he says it was when his then-3-year-old son Noah was battling liver cancer. Noah is now 9 and in remission.

“I remember sitting in the hospital, and I just remember thinking how lucky I was. I just remember thinking so clearly, you know, how wonderful this is, that this is a part of your legacy,” he said, adding, “[Christmas has] become less about what religion you are and it’s become about just a time when us human beings might need a bit of a break. And there’s a little more empathy and kindness.”

“To be connected to something so beautiful, there are much worse things in life … Can you imagine how lucky I feel to be invited into all of that?” he expressed.

Michael released Christmas in October 2011. It sold more than 12 million copies globally and is one of the best-selling holiday albums of all time.

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