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Lauren Daigle says “the pressure is definitely on” as she strives for “authenticity” in her next album

Garrett Lobaugh

Lauren Daigle‘s new single “Hold On to Me” is moving up the charts, and she says a new album will follow…eventually.  The New Orleans native admits having to follow up her Grammy-winning album Look Up Child — which won her millions of new fans thanks to her megahit “You Say” — isn’t easy.

“I think the pressure is definitely on. But what I have learned about that pressure is…it’s not going to produce my most authentic work. There’s going to be some element that’s forced and contrived,” Lauren tells ABC Audio.

“So I need to take time to rebuild the things that I care about and really focus on the things that I care about,” she adds. “And then I know authenticity will rise from just overcoming…the pressure.” 

Admitting, “I take a long time,” Lauren says she’s been working on the album since January. As for “Hold On to Me,” she says, “I love this song. We wrote it back in 2019 and so it’s already two years old and…I’m sure there’s other people that wish I would be a little bit faster!  But I just love the music-making process. And [that song] is definitely a representation of more to come.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s gearing up for her upcoming tour that starts in September, and she just did a USO tour at a military base in San Diego, where a general told her the impact her music had on the servicemen and women.

“He was like, ‘We were blown away by the amount of people that are in uniform but tears are falling down their face…that’s not something we see very often,'” Lauren recalls. “And just to think that your music is moving them like this is pretty wild….I’m honored to be a part of those moments.”

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