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95.5 KZY Announced As NAB Crystal Award Finalist

It was announced this week that 95.5 KZY, along with four of our fellow Hubbard Radio stations in Minnesota, were announced as finalists for the National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award.

The NAB Crystal Award is industry’s highest recognition for community service.  There are 50 finalists from over 15,000 radio stations in America.  10 winners will be awarded a Crystal Award during a virtual event on April 13.

This is KZY’s second straight year as a Crystal Award Finalist. Our sister station KB101 is one of fewer than 10 stations nationwide to win six Crystal Awards, and is a Crystal Heritage Award winner, which goes to stations that have won five Crystals.

Including the Hubbard Minnesota radio stations, Hubbard Radio had a total of 13 finalists.  Here is a list of all the finalists:

KBFB-FM Dallas, Texas
KCLY-FM Clay Center, Kansas
KDKA-AM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
KIKV-FM Alexandria, Minnesota
KIRO-FM Seattle, Washington
KKBQ-FM Houston, Texas
KKFN-FM Denver, Colorado
KKZY-FM Bemidji, Minnesota
KMVP-FM Phoenix, Arizona
KNDE-FM College Station, Texas
KOSI-FM Denver, Colorado
KPNT-FM St. Louis, Missouri
KRSP-FM Salt Lake City, Utah
KSBJ-FM Humble, Texas
KSL-FM Salt Lake City, Utah
KSTP-FM Saint Paul, Minnesota
KTAR-FM Phoenix, Arizona
KTMY-FM Saint Paul, Minnesota
KUPD-FM Phoenix, Arizona
KYGO-FM Denver, Colorado
KYW-AM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WARH-FM St. Louis, Missouri
WBAB-FM West Babylon, New York
WBAP-AM Dallas, Texas
WBLI-FM Patchogue, New York
WBYT-FM Mishawaka, Indiana
WCCO-AM Minneapolis, Minnesota
WDRV-FM Chicago, Illinois
WDSY-FM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WDUV-FM St. Petersburg, Florida
WFXE-FM Columbus, Georgia
WGCI-FM Chicago, Illinois
WHPT-FM St Petersburg, Florida
WJJY-FM Brainerd, Minnesota
WKTI-FM Milwaukee, Wisconsin
WMCI-FM Mattoon, Illinois
WMMR-FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WNRP-AM Pensacola, Florida
WOKV-FM Jacksonville, Florida
WPLR-FM New Haven, Connecticut
WSB-AM Atlanta, Georgia
WSB-FM Atlanta, Georgia
WSHE-FM Chicago, Illinois
WTAW-AM College Station, Texas
WTMX-FM Chicago, Illinois
WTOP-FM Washington, D.C.
WWPR-FM New York City, New York
WWRM-FM Tampa Bay, Florida
WXGL-FM Tampa Bay, Florida
WXOS-FM St. Louis, Missouri
WYCT-FM Pensacola, Florida
WYKY-FM Somerset, Kentucky