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Jordin Sparks says for KING & COUNTRY collab “Love Me Like I Am” is “really about everything I stand for”

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It hit number one on Billboard‘s Christian Airplay chart, but Jordin Sparks‘ collaboration with for KING & COUNTRY, “Love Me Like I Am,” is also a pop hit. Jordin says she was a big for KING & COUNTRY fan to begin with, but she loves the song’s message, too.

“They actually approached me and they were like, ‘Hey, we’re big fans of you. We have this song and we would love to have you hop on the remix,'” Jordin tells ABC Audio. “And I listened to the song and … first of all, I’m a fan of them. I love their music. But I listened to the song and it’s really about everything I stand for.”

“You know, ‘You love me like I am’ — that’s all anybody is looking for, especially after coming out of what we’ve all come out of,” Jordin said, referring to the pandemic. “We just want people to love us for who we are and to be there for us unconditionally.”

An offer from an act she loves to sing on a song she loves made “Love Me Like I Am” a no-brainer for Jordin.

“When they called me, I was like, ‘Holy moly, I love you guys. You’re amazing. I would love to do this,'” she recalls. “And the song is beautiful.” 

She laughs, “I think people that are a fan of me and my big kind of power ballad songs are really going to enjoy this song because I’m definitely singing my face off! So I’m grateful that they called me.”

Jordin also released some of her own songs recently: “Deux,” a collab with Elijah Blake, “Stadiums” and “Stop This Feeling.” And starting Sunday on ABC, she’ll be one of the alumni mentors working with contestants on American Idol’s Hollywood Week. 

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