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Gwen Stefani and Sheryl Crow will drink and throw axes on Monday night’s ‘Barmageddon’

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If you ever wondered what would happen if Gwen Stefani drank alcohol and threw axes with Sheryl Crow, you’ll find out during Monday night’s episode of Barmageddon.

A teaser was posted of the episode, which will see the two industry giants squaring off in a series of silly bar games. The featured clip shows Gwen and Sheryl competing in a game dubbed “Drunken Axe Hole,” but it appears only one of these ladies has any ax-throwing experience.

Hint: it’s not Gwen.

Gwen confesses to her lack of skill and sheepishly tells Sheryl while holding up an ax, “I feel like you’re probably more experienced with one of these than I am.”

“I’ve used one of those a couple of two, three times,” the ’90s icon shrugs.

Gwen also laughs at a joke she’s married to a “Drunken Axe Hole” aka Blake Shelton, who just so happens to be standing in the audience. Despite Blake being there for moral support, Gwen misses the target entirely.

That gives a needed confidence boost for Sheryl, who saunters up to the range and proclaims she’s “feeling pretty good.” Her first throw lands in the bull’s-eye. 

“Something came out,” Sheryl says of her accuracy. “When I had the ax in my hand, just something came out. I think it was always in there!”

Find out how well Gwen and Sheryl stack up against each other when their episode of Barmageddon airs Monday at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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