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Erik-Michael Estrada reveals O-Town’s lack of a Christmas album inspired holiday special

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Courtesy of A Boy Band Christmas

Erik-Michael Estrada is well aware O-Town is late to the Christmas album-making game and hopes to remedy that soon.

Erik, who has joined forces with members of 98 DegreesAll-4-One and Ryan Cabrera for A Boy Band Christmas Tour, was asked by ABC Audio why O-Town is lacking Christmas spirit.

“You’re preaching to the choir,” he laughed, but revealed that something good has come from him begging his bandmates to make a holiday album.

Erik said the A Very Boy Band Holiday that aired last year on ABC was semi-inspired by his band “not really getting motivated to do a Christmas album.”

“I sort of kept asking and sort of kept proposing it, and it just never happened. And I was like, ‘Well … wait a second. Boybands and Christmas belong together. Why do we not have an album? Fine. I’m just going to do a television show with all of the other boy bands, and we’re going to do a Christmas show,'” he declared.

Erik added he helped get the ball rolling on A Very Boy Band Holiday because he was “just trying to be a part of the holiday season because I do believe that the boy bands and Christmas belong together.”

98’s Drew Lachey confirmed that special “was the brainchild of Erik,” which paved the way for the Boy Band Christmas tour.

A Very Boy Band Holiday, which starred members of NSYNCBoyz II MenNew EditionNew Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees, aired last December on ABC. 

Erik is now on tour celebrating the holidays with fellow boy band royalty members. Here’s hoping Erik inspires bandmates Dan MillerJacob Underwood and Trevor Penick to join him in the studio to finally make an O-Town Christmas album.

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