Saturday Night Done Right with Dave Brooks



Have you tuned in to KZY for your Saturday night soundtrack yet?

Great Saturday night music is essential to a great weekend and we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’ve got “something going on” or you’re just kickin’ The Vibe all by yourself, Saturday Night Done Right hosted by Dave Brooks is the fuel for your favorite night of the weekend!

Featuring the best music ever heard on a Saturday night since the invention of teenagers, it features a core of music from the 1970’s through the early 2010’s.  Every generation gets to re-live their time on top of the pop culture mountain, from AWOLNation to Zeppelin.

The weekly Deep Throwback feature at approximately 8:20 (central) is exactly that; a special Saturday night tune even more retro-ier from the 60’s and occasionally 50’s!  We’ve been known to throw special themed listening parties; a great way to get together even if we’re a ways apart.  It’s the night where everybody gets to play their favorites with a fun mish-mash of nostalgia, giggles and maybe even a new discovery!

Discover for yourself what many already have been pumping into their weekends for that special vibe; Saturday Night Done Right!  Tune-in Saturdays from 8pm to midnight (central).  Listen on traditional radio, stream it from this website or download the app for free from wherever you get your apps.

This weekend being the last August weekend (likely a wet one too) we’ll be sure to turn up the heat a bit as we start to round that corner into fall.  Whether front and center or as a background companion, invite Saturday Night Done Right with Dave Brooks and his behind-the-scenes crew into your weekend plans!