Bemidji’s Big 3…95-5 KZY, Z99 and KB101…are teaming up for LAST PRIZE STANDING. Here’s how it works. Beginning Monday, March 27, each weekday morning, a listener from one of the Big 3 will have the opportunity to ELIMINATE one of the 51 prizes we have available until we are down to the LAST PRIZE STANDING. Then, all of our qualifiers will be in the drawing for that one remaining prize. Be prepared! Take a look at the prizes below and be ready to knock one out when you get the chance!


1. FROM HEADWATERS TO DELTA: Take the Great River Route that gets it’s start here at home and winds along the Mississippi River.  Your estimated 7-10 day tour includes a rental car with a gas stipend, stays, dining, and return airfare because we don’t want you stayin’ down there now, y’hear?”

2. POOL PARTY EVERY DAY! Hot Springs Spas is ready to deliver you your own above ground pool!  You’ll be the hit of neighborhood kids wanting to cannonball in your own floatable little heaven without the swimmer’s itch!”

3. LIVE LIKE A POHLAD…FOR A WEEKEND: Live the life that you dream that those Beamer drivers that cut you off in traffic do…for a weekend.  Stay in a luxurious suite at the posh Hewing Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, dine at the best restaurants, enjoy an in-hotel spa treatment, limo service and attend the Big Ticket event of your choice (pending our arrangements).  Here’s to living life like a Twin Cities big shot…for a weekend.

4. KEEP YOUR CAR RUNNING: Driving a car that makes sounds that the factory didn’t intend? Due for an oil change AGAIN?  Tires as balanced as Gary Busey? You’ll  $5,000 on the house from Bogart’s Repair and Recovery in Blackduck.

5. A NEWER HUNK OF JUNK! Is your current vehicle more rust than ride?  Why tolerate the constant break-downs and embarassment of being seen in that 80’s-era Yugoslavian import any longer?  Cruise the highways of the northwoods in the sleekest, sexiest used car that five grand can buy!

6. HOW DID THAT WINDMILL GET IN MY BACKYARD? Is your family complaining that you’re off swingin’ the clubs with the buddies too often and not home enough?  Why not shoot two birdies in one?  H’bout your own backyard abbreviated mini golf course!  Enjoy hearing from your kids’ friends every day if they can come over again!  Enjoy hosting your workplace retreats!  Be creative in training your dogs where NOT to go in the yard!  Putt-putt your way to eternal golf happiness with this option!

7. IT’S YOUR FUNERAL: You.  Are going.  To die.  It’s inevitable.  It’s inescapable.  It’s expensive.  This prize can help ease the burden on your family’s pocketbook.  Five grand can make for a great and memorable funeral.  Afraid that no one will have something nice to say about you?  This funeral will come with a professional eulogy that’ll make it sound as if departed northwoods royalty has departed.  If you’re gonna go…go in style!”

8. THE MINNESOTA MONUMENTS TOUR: Paul & Babe!  The Blackduck black duck!  Lucette!  See some of the best eternal monuments that cement, chickenwire and spackle can enshrine!  From the Jolly Green Giant to the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota!  Stay in cozy motor lodges and enjoy the lefse!  Take the family vacation that your grandpa always threatened you with!

9. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM JOIN ‘EM SNOW FUN PACKAGE: Cross Country Skis and Snowshoes for a family of four plus ski passes! Take advantage of the beautiful trails available right here in our backyard and have fun in the snow. Snow fleas not included.

10. SUMMER CAMP YOUR KIDS WILL NEVER FORGET: What better way for a child to experience a summer of growth than at the nearby Concordia Language Villages. These immersive language camps offer 15 different language experiences, right here in Minnesota. If you thought you didn’t understand your teenager before, just wait until they get back!

11. WE’RE FINALLY UPDATING THE KITCHEN PACKAGE: A $5,000 Refrigerator, range and oven, microwave and dishwasher! Get your gas stoves while you can!

12. THE WISTERIAS ARE BETTER THAN WEEDS PACKAGE: Would you love a fancy garden but hate doing all the work? Choose this $5,000 landscaping package and watch your garden bloom into life without lifting a finger thanks to Nature’s Edge Garden Center!

13. THE ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN: Halloween Night in Dracula’s Transylvanian Castle and all the corn dogs you can eat at Bemidji’s own Jeff Erickson’s Corn Dog Caravan. You spend Halloween Night in the famed castle of Vlad the Impaler, the Draco, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, in present day Romania. Enjoy a taste of home at Bemidji’s-own Jeff Erickson establishment for a world class dining experience, all the corndogs you can eat at Jeff’s Romanian Corn Dog Caravan!

14. IT’S GATOR SEASON! Gator Hunting in the Everglades or Bayou: Know the difference between a Crocodile and an Alligator? Well you should if you choose this gator-hunting package. Winner will get to choose which alligator-infested state to hunt in: the Bayou of Louisiana or the Florida Everglades!

15. REDRUM WEEKEND: A Vacation Getaway to “The Shining” Hotel…Plus typewriter. All work and no play makes this winner a dull person, all work and no play makes this winner a dull person. Stay at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado for a nice, peaceful getaway with your family to finish your novel, and we’ll provide you a typewriter! Big Wheel for the little tyke not included.

16. VISIT THE DINER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: Larissa’s Guided Tour of New Jersey: Join New Jersey’s biggest critic Larissa Donovan on a guided tour of the “Garden State.” See all the New York-named sport teams that live in New Jersey, have a horribly long walk on the Atlantic City boardwalk and look in terror upon the Jersey Shore. If you’re lucky, you  might see one of the garbage barges sail off into the Atlantic! But sorry…Snookie and The Situation are no longer around.

17. THEY’RE HEEEERE: A Night at a “verified” Haunted House: Bring extra pants for this all-expenses paid, no-nonsense, night at a verified haunted house! We won’t need smoke and mirrors with a portal to the other side!

18. BARBECUE AND BASEBALL: Catch a Minnesota Twins game…but this time, with an out-of-town road game experience included! We are sending you to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City to watch the Twins take on the Royals, with airfare and hotel included! But no trip to Kansas City would be complete without sampling the cuisine the city is famous for: we will be providing you gift cards to enjoy a selection of KC’s best barbecue restaurants! BBQ? Baseball? Beautiful! Play ball and dine out!

 19. BASEMENT FAMILY ROOM RENOVATION: Home movie nights will never be the same again! We are bringing the theater to your living room—without the tickets, marquee, and those annoyingly loud people in the back–by getting you set up with a giant new flatscreen TV, surround sound speakers, 4K ultra HD player, and even a vintage popcorn maker! All you have to do is pick the right movie or show to watch…no pressure, right!?

 20. FORM OR FUNCTION: Fashionable or practical? Leisure or lawncare? You make the choice, we will take care of supplying you with a supreme structure for your yard! Included with the gazebo will be an outdoor furniture set, while the shed size will be selected to accommodate your lawncare equipment. Either way, your yard is the big winner!  

21. THE PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY CUISINE TOUR: We have LOTS of great food around the area! But sometimes it’s easy to stick to your favorites or miss out on some of those great restaurants. That’s why we are assembling a collection of gift cards to restaurants all over the listening area for you to go on a grand dining tour of Paul Bunyan Country cuisine. We will give you a sample of different locations, types of food—the works! (Just make sure to pace yourself so your stomach can keep up.)

 22. RICK & NICK’S HOLLYWOOD TRIP (MINUS RICK & NICK): Our resident film fanatics want to help send their fellow cinema crazies on the ultimate theater trip! That’s why they are arranging for flight, rental car, and hotel accommodations to visit Los Angeles! Take a tour of the studios of both Warner Bros and Universal Pictures, see a film at the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre, stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and check out other famous locations around the City of Angels! But a Rick & Nick-sponsored tour of it all would not be complete…without the absence of both Rick AND Nick. And yet, just like the podcast, they somehow still get their names on this trip!

 23. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL KIT: Freaked out by watching World War Z, I Am Legend, The Walking Dead, or—most recently–The Last of Us? We have GREAT news for you! We are going to set you up with all the necessary supplies to ride out the storm of the zombie apocalypse and put yourself in position to start helping build “the new world”! Non-perishable food items, sleeping supplies, water, fire-building kits, foraging tools…pretty much everything except the actual cure to whatever caused the whole thing! (Although maybe you could create one with all these supplies…hmm…okay, we’ll throw a chemistry kit in with all of this!)

24. $5,000 MAKEOVER TO LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR FAVORITE PAUL BUNYAN BROADCASTING PERSONALITY: Did you know that having a “face for radio” is actually a good thing? In fact, it’s very fashionable…just ask any one of us at Paul Bunyan Broadcasting! Speaking of which, you can now take “inspiration” from one of us for your own grand makeover! We’ll take care of all expenses involved in the makeover, but remember two things: we cannot promise any kind of voice duplication procedure, and identity theft is not a joke, Jim.

25.BACK TO THE FUTURE–CHANNEL YOUR INNER MARTY MCFLY: Ahh, the 1950’s: the hair and clothes were snappy, the movies had style, the cars were cool…and everything was “Drive-In”! So why not go back in time and Drive-In to the past? We are going to send you to the upper Midwest’s finest Drive-In movie locations, complete with paying for your tickets, gas, and concessions! Plus, we will scour the map to find the best Drive-In dining locations along the way so you can complete your DeLorean journey back to 1955 by eating from in your car! (Sorry Doc, we’re not building a time machine for you as part of this prize.)

26. THE FILL THE CUPBOARDS PACKAGE: Groceries. We all need them. And we’re here to deliver. $5,000 in groceries to be exact. If you spend $100 a month in groceries, it’ll last you more than 4 years! If you spend more or less, you’ll still get $5,000 worth of groceries from Lueken’s Village Foods in Bemidji. You’ll even have them in $100 gift cards so you can use them as gifts, if you’re the generous sort.

27. THE GOODS FOR THE GRILL PACKAGE: If your grill has been lonely for awhile, we are here to reunite you, with $5,000 worth of meat. Grilling season is almost here and you can grill or smoke to your hearts content. Steaks, chops, chicken, burgers, brats, dogs…it doesn’t matter. It’s your choice. $5,000 worth of meat from the area’s finest meat shops. Your grill, and guests, will thank you.

28. THE PIZZA PARTY THAT WOULDN’T END: Everyone loves pizza. If you don’t, you need to take a good, long look in the mirror. But we digress. We have a lot of great pizza places throughout the area and you will get the chance to try a bunch of them out for the next several years. We’re giving you $5,000 worth of pizza. Our crack team of accountants figures at a pizza a week, that’s about five years worth of pizza discovery. Or you can have the biggest pizza party in history. Whatever works for you.

29. THE LAST FRONTIER, BABY: Salmon fishing in Alaska is an outdoor lover’s ultimate adventure. And you can enjoy the magnificence of the last frontier with amazing fishing with Mountain Mike Hruza and a stay at the Kenai River Bend Resort. An Alaska fishing vacation is the trip of a lifetime for outdoor lovers and you could be there if you choose this awesome vacation!

30. WATER WATER EVERYWHERE: If you’re tired of discolored whites or rust in your toilets, showers and sinks, you’ll want this prize. A state of the art water softener system and water drinking system. Keep your whites white, and your sinks, showers and stools sparkling. Plus enjoy delicious, pure water with this excellent prize package.

31. THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF CIVILIZATION–SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR: If you’re sick of getting socks and underwear for Christmas and Father’s Day, this is the perfect antidote. We’ll give you $5,000 worth of socks and underwear. It should last you a good long time…and now you can get some real presents from here on out.

32. A PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS: If you’re tired of the Christmas rush, we’ve got the solution. Christmas in Lubbock, TX. Why? Because Lubbock has been voted the most boring city in America. No Holiday rush…just a complete snoozefest with a few Christmas trees. The perfect Christmas for the Bah Humbugged amongst us.

33. SMELLS LIKE GREEN THUMB SPIRIT: For the gardener, this is the ultimate trip…a trip to the US Botanical Garden for the amazing, rare and incredibly noxious annual (or sometimes bi-annual) blooming of the corpse flower. You’ll be able to say you saw it and you smelled it…and survived.

34. I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD (or Universal): Choose from 4 different itineraries, 4 nights and 5 days, for 4 persons and fun in Orlando, Florida! Choose options for Universal Orlando or Walt Disney World. Explore what Orlando, Florida has to offer for your family or friends.

35. THE WORLD ACCORDING TO CARP: Bring your bread, corn, boilies and hair rigs for a carp fishing adventure on the Wabash River in Indiana! Headquarter out of Terre Haute. The Wabash River offers a diverse and unique fishery, including several varieties of carp. Check this off your fishing bucket list!

36. MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS! Tour North Dakota! Lead off in Leeds for some sand greens golf, say hello to Harvey, stand at the geographic center of North America in Rugby, and why not Minot? Lots of fish and wildlife make their home there. See all you CANDO in North Dakota!

37. ON THE WATER: Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, with hundreds and hundreds of miles of rivers, too. They aren’t all fishable, but they are all floatable! You could win a sailboard, kayak, and canoe package that can help you make the most of open water season, and give you access to spectacular summer views of our beautiful lakeshore.

38. YOU’RE SAYING WE GOT A CHANCE PACKAGE: We offer the Crappy Sports Package! We will custom design an array of tickets to see the worst of sports LIVE, as hapless teams visit Minnesota to give all of our beloved teams a decent chance. Even our less stellar seasons provide opportunities for success. Be there when it happens!

39. COME ON BABY DO THE LOCOMOTION: See Glacier National Park the old fashioned way! You will board the Amtrak Empire Builder in Detroit Lakes bound for Whitefish, Montana, and see Big Sky country out the window of a train. Plus, spend time in Kalispell while you wait for the return trip. Just sit back and take in the beautiful scenery.

40. SOMEDAY I’M GOING TO BUILD A FIREPIT PACKAGE: Our warm season may be short, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of backyard time when it’s here. A new patio and/or firepit will create space for your family and guests to truly maximize your outdoor experience. We’ll put together some options that will add value and enjoyment to our non-snow time of the year.

41. HOME AND HEARTH PACKAGE: Add to the ambience and comfort of your home during the long winter with a new fireplace or woodstove! We’ll connect you with the experts who can devise a perfectly warm and inviting addition to your home, and we’ll kick in up to $5,000 to make it happen.

42. MAUI WOWEE! Maui is known as the Valley Isle, beloved for its world famous beaches, farm to table cuisine and beautiful sunsets. Visit Haleakala (Ha-Lee-Ah-CALL-ah) National Park, hop on a Catamaran for some Whale Watching, Snorkel in Turtle Town,  or sit back and enjoy any number of Luau’s. World class resorts and beaches are waiting for you in beautiful Maui. $5,000 prize will cover a Flight and Stay for one week at a mid-range resort, travel excursions and any other entertainment extra.

43. WHAT A BUNCH OF WINERS: When you imagine a sun-kissed West Coast vacation, first come the images of gleaming waves crumbling onto golden sand, and second the fruit-filled vineyards of California’s wine regions. Napa Valley is the superstar of the California wine world, making it one of the top destinations for wine in the world.  In this four-mile wide, thirty-mile long valley, you’ll find replica Tuscan castles, Michelin-starred chefs, and 240 wineries serving some of the world’s most sought after vintages.

44. WHAT A TOOL PACKAGE: We’ll give you $5,000 in gift cards to spend at Acme Tools. Whether you need a mower, trailer or just want to fill your shop with tools, tools and more tools…you can do it with $5,000 in Acme gift cards to spend.

45. WHEN I SAY I’M SPENDING THE SUMMER OUTDOORS, I MEAN IT! Somebody once asked me “What do you do in the summertime in Northern Minnesota?” I said, “if it falls on a weekend, we have a Bar-B-Que!’ Imagine that summer weekend you walk into your backyard with all comforts of a professional kitchen thanks to Ace On The Lake.  A brand new Weber Genesis Propane Grill, an Ooni pizza oven, Green Mountain Smoker, Outdoor Refrigerator and all under a solid Canopy to cover you from the elements. Get cooking!

46. BE THE GUY EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT: Jelly beans are not just an Easter Treat. Drive around town and impress your friends year round with a special Jellybean Wagon. Yes! The small bean-shaped sugar candies with soft candy shells and thick gel interiors will be the envy of your friends. You could enter any number of hot Fourth of July Parades and toss them toward the crowd, inevitably missing patrons and melting on impact! Fun.  Comes complete with Lawn Mower Tractor to pull your Jellybean Wagon.

47. JUST FOR KICKS! Yes, you could be one of the lucky few to travel to Steamboat Springs Colorado, not for the World Class Skiing but for the Footbag Hall of Fame!   Other than the World Championships the longest running footbag event was launched in 1981 by Robert Conover and Mike Noonin and is held in the Oregon area each year. Titled “The Moonin and Noonin” in the early years and now known as “The Beaver Open” it is one of the most popular footbag events in the world today. But that’s in Oregon not Colorado, but we’ll still send you to Colorado to this “Hacky-sack” Hall of fame.

48. THROW IN KNEE HIGH WHITE TUBE SOCKS AND YOU’VE GOT A DEAL: A fully restored Tube TV (weighs a measly 422 lbs), a fully operational TV antenna (so you get all 3 channels), there’s no remote but VHF and UHF come standard. We’ll throw in a Pong video game console at no expense to your sanity. A sticky Cassette Player, 8 Track Tape Player, a well-aged rust colored velour couch, disco ball,  and Short Shorts for you and a friend round out this prize package!

49. WAIT…THEY’RE ACTUALLY…WHAT??: Next Spring go nuts in Virginia City Nevada for the 33rd annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry! Chefs from all over the region go head-to-head for bragging rights as the best land oyster cooker in the west. Attendees can join in on the Silver State’s Largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration by sampling all the fried, pounded, peeled, poached, grilled, smoke sautéed and braised Rocky Mountain Oyster they desire! Yum!

50. RETRO MUSIC PACKAGE: We’ll supply you with a Turntable, Cassette Deck and 8 Track Tape player so you can play those ’70s classics the way they were meant to be played…inconveniently and scratchy. And for all those ’80s mix tapes that aren’t rolling the way they’re supposed to, we’ll throw in a set of repair tools. These tools, conveniently, have a graphite center and can be used as writing utensils if you have access to sharpening tools.